The adventure of discovery

Advanced Visual Signal Processing

Tandent Computer Vision is a scientific research company founded by physicists and signal processing engineers. The company has developed Advanced Visual Signal Processing (AVSP), an advanced signal representation of the visual world based on important discoveries in human vision research.

Our company philosophy is that genuine innovation at the level of the signal can enable growth across a multitude of industries. AVSP is new, foundational innovation to power the visual computing revolution.

Change the signal, change the world.

Advanced Visual Signal Processing

Tandent believes that signal processing engineers have the responsibility to go well beyond creating a signal that simply corresponds to a sensor response. The higher purpose of signal innovation is to separate different sources of signal variability to produce a more useful and truthful representation of the world.

AVSP began with important discoveries in our human vision laboratory that suggested the spatial analysis of color can be a powerful tool for separating fundamentally different sources of variability in visual signals. AVSP is a family of proprietary, automatic, color-based methods for producing more veridical, intelligible, and useful visual signals. AVSP dramatically accelerates computer vision system development while reducing costs and enhancing accuracy. AVSP opens new horizons for a wide range of visual technologies.

Computer Vision

Our research has focused on face recognition, assisted/autonomous driving—the two most important commercial applications in the growing field of computer vision. With AVSP, it is now possible to apply face recognition to myriad new applications, and assisted driving can work more capably and reliably. Machine Learning has also allowed us to employ convolutional neural networks and reinforcement learning to our work on chromaticity and illumination. As significant as they are, however, face recognition and assisted driving are just the beginning of a world-changing industry that is giving computers the ability to see.

Assisted by AVSP, computer vision will fundamentally redefine the way we interact with technology in our daily lives and help build a smarter,safer world.

Road Vision for ADAS

Tandent Road Vision™ introduces spatiospectral signal processing for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Using spatiospectral analysis, Road Vision produces a more useful signal that dramatically accelerates product development, adds important new proprietary capabilities, and improves reliability for both single-view- or stereo-camera-based ADAS systems. Road Vision provides a major, long-term proprietary advantage to this fast-growing, super-competitive industry.

In conventional signal processing, illumination variability causes two problems: Image colors do not correspond to physical surface colors, and illumination edges mask road markings. Road Vision processing, positioned between the camera and ADAS processing, removes such signal distortions and greatly simplifies system development.

Simply put, contenders for the ADAS market are using the wrong signal input. This greatly complicates downstream computer vision analysis, leading to diminished accuracy. Tandent Road Vision corrects that problem.

Computer Graphics

The new Lightbrush Cloud application will enable anyone with access to a PC and the internet to access the powerful technology that's behind Lightbrush. This new platform-independent application allows you to upload your images and process then with the power of Google Cloud Computer netowrk in seconds.

New Frontiers

In its boldness, breadth, and relevance to a wide range of fast-growing industries, AVSP is rare in the history of start-ups.

Proprietary discoveries started Tandent and have driven our research. AVSP innovation is protected by more than 70 pioneer patents describing innovation from the foundations of image processing to the frontiers of visual technology.